Top NFL draft picks for sale

If a team wants to move up into the top three picks of the NFL draft, there will be plenty of opportunities to do so.

However, for the teams that hold the top picks, it may be difficult to get rid of the pick because of all of the competition. Add the Jacksonville Jaguars to the list of teams willing to jump out of the top of the draft. Jaguars GM David Caldwell told the NFL Network on Friday that the No. 2 overall pick could be up for sale. And that piece of news is, of course, of interest in the AFC West.

The Kansas City Chiefs have the No. 1 overall pick and the Oakland Raiders select at No. 3. Representatives from both teams have made it clear they are willing to trade the pick. Actually, I think Kansas City and Oakland would both prefer to deal to the pick, and same with the Jaguars.

The problem is there hasn’t been much demand for the top choice, yet. An issue is the lack of quarterback prospects at the top of the draft. It seems as though many teams are willing to let the draft field fall to them.

Yes, there might be a trade or two, but it appears there will be competition between the three teams on top to get rid of the pick. That could potentially behoove Oakland since it has the lowest of the three picks and, thus, would command less than Kansas City and Jacksonville. The Chiefs will have to hope a team feels it is necessary to go as high as possible to ensure they get their coveted player.