Mailbag: Draft edition

Mid-week mail call:

Shawn from Atlanta wants to know if I think the Kansas City Chiefs could take injured South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore in this weekend’s draft.

Bill Williamson: Yes, but I can see Lattimore getting interest from all 32 teams. He’d be a fit anywhere. Yes, he is risky because of the major knee injury he suffered last year, but he vows to be ready to play this season. Any team that takes Lattimore will be looking for the future. He is considered one of, if not the best, pure running back in this draft. He’d be a steal in the mid-rounds for future purposes. I think every team in the league will take a look.

Tyler from Hamilton, Ont., wants to know if I think SMU pass-rusher Margus Hunt could be on the Denver Broncos’ radar at No. 28.

BW: I think Hunt is surely on Denver’s radar. I think he could be an option for Denver, which traded down last year, looks to trade down a few spots from No. 28. Hunt could be taken in the 25-40 range. He is huge and he has great pass-rushing skills. Still, he is 26 and raw, so there are some risks. But he might be worth the risk if Denver gets him in the right circumstance.

Rob French from Louisville wants to know If think the Oakland Raiders could take Michigan State running Le’Veon Bell in the mid-rounds.

BW: I think Oakland will look for a running back and Bell is 6-foot-2, 235 pounds. The Raiders could use a big back. The question is where Oakland will take a running back. It has other needs, but if it likes Bell and think he is a value in the third round, I could see him getting serious consideration.