Mailbag: Miles Burris' future

Mid-week mail call:

Eric from San Jose wants to know if I think Oakland linebacker Miles Burris has a strong future.

Bill Williamson: Sure, Burris did a nice job as a rookie last year. A lot of scouts I talk to think he will be an average linebacker, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Oakland brought in some veteran linebackers on short-term deals and drafted Sio Moore, but I think Burris will have a role in Oakland for the foreseeable future.

Josh Edwards from Manhattan, Kan., wants to know if I think the Chiefs can sign Brian Urlacher.

BW: Anything can happen and the Chiefs could use a veteran at inside linebacker, but I just don’t see it at this point and time. But, I guess things can always change.

Rich Mahler from New York wants to know if the Broncos have plans for Ben Garland.

BW: The former Air Force player is a team favorite. They like him so much they are giving him another chance. He is being moved from defensive tackle to offensive tackle. He has been developed on the practice squad. Coaches and players really like him. He has some skills and he works hard. But he will have to show he has a future on offense or his NFL dream may end.