Chat wrap: Drafting it up

Here are some highlights from our pre-draft AFC West chat, which was held Thursday:


Gabe from Schenectady: Since the Broncos have had a weakness covering big name tight ends, don’t you think it would be wise for them to draft a MLB that can upgrade that coverage? Te'o is one that jumps to mind, and Ogletree has experience having been converted from safety.

Bill Williamson: Ogletree would be really intriguing if he lasts. Doubt he has lasts. Chicago could take him at No. 20.

Kansas City

Dustin from KC: Could the Albert trade to Miami get done while Miami is on the clock tomorrow or will the physical make that impossible? The Chiefs could see who is available and maybe lower their asking price if there is someone they really like.

BW: Albert lives in Miami. They can get the physical done at any time. I think they need to do that now so they can work on the deal as long as it takes.


Chad from Rochester, New York: Do you think if Oakland trades back it will still be able to get Sharrif Floyd or Dion Jordan?

BW: Probably Floyd more than Jordan. I think if Oakland stays in top 9, they can still get Floyd. Titans at No. 10 like him.

San Diego

Mike from Temecula, Calif.: Bill, personally I feel it would be in the Chargers best interest to wait it out to see if either Cooper or Warmack falls to them, grab either then if they have to move up a bit in the second to grab Armstead...It would be foolish to give up what they would have to to move up that high to get one of those 3 tackles.. and everyone seems to feel there’s such a high ceiling for Armstead.

BW: Waiting it out is kind of what I'm thinking too. But the allure of a top LT is tempting. Not sure if Armstead will be ready this year, but he has ability.