Could Mike McCoy and Tim Tebow reunite?

If Tim Tebow is going to land with another NFL team, the natural thinking is to wonder if someone he formerly played for could be interested in adding him.

Thus, it is logical to wonder if Mike McCoy and the San Diego Chargers would be interested in adding Tebow, who was cut Monday after one season with the New York Jets. McCoy was Tebow’s offensive coordinator in Denver where Tebow tasted NFL success.

Could I see McCoy adding Tebow?

Probably not. I never say never when it comes to NFL moves. Anything can happen and you can never truly read what a team is thinking.

But I just don’t see the value of bringing Tebow into San Diego. Let’s face it -- he is not an NFL starting-caliber quarterback at this point. It would be a disservice to the other quarterbacks on the team to bring in Tebow.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported some teams had interest in trading for Tebow and making him a tight end. Schefter reported Tebow balked at that idea.

Maybe if he realizes he has no other options and maybe if McCoy thought he could utilize Tebow in some packages, there could be a potential opening for Tebow in San Diego.

I’m sure Manti Te’o would like to see it. Te’o would suddenly become yesterday’s news if Tebow entered the locker room.

But overall, I just don’t know if adding Tebow would make the Chargers a better team.