Chargers will like this Kiper big board, too

Earlier, we looked at Mel Kiper’s first big board for the 2014 draft.

Here is a look at Kiper’s first offering for the 2013 draft.Insider

What stands out is the San Diego Chargers’ first three picks are in ranked in the top 18 on Kiper’s board. That’s pretty stunning. San Diego first round pick, tackle D.J. Fluker was ranked No. 6, second-round pick, Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o was ranked 10th and third-round pick, California receiver Keenan Allen was ranked 18th.

The Chargers were universally lauded for these picks. This list is more evidence of the talent San Diego just picked up.

Oakland fans will be interested as well. Its fourth-round pick, quarterback Tyler Wilson, was ranked 13th on Kiper’s first big board. Wilson’s stock did drop during the 2012 season. But this ranking shows the ability and potential Wilson has.

Also noteworthy, the No.1 pick in the draft – new Kansas City Chiefs tackle Eric Fisher – was unranked on Kiper’s first big board. Fisher soared up boards with a strong 2012 season at Central Michigan and with his performances at the Senior Bowl and at the NFL combine.