Chat wrap: Where have Raiders improved?

A look at some highlights of our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Tony Ellsworth from Omaha: Bill, do you think Monte Ball starts by midseason? This would put McGahee and the other RB's into role backs. How do you see it playing out?

BW: If I had to guess, yes, I think Ball is the starter by midseason. Probably even sooner.

Kansas City

Glenn from St. Joe.: Are the Chiefs looking at free agents, or are they pretty comfortable, particularly MLB, or WR.

BW: They will probably look some depth guys here and there, but the Chiefs have already put in a lot of work this year. They did well.


Cesar from Merida, Mexico: What Positions do you think the Raiders improve in this offseason?

BW: I'd say cornerback. It's was awful last year. It's no longer awful. It is a very workable NFL situation.

San Diego

Sergio from Tijuana, Mexico: Hi Bill, with some many options at WR for the chargers (Floyd, Alexander, Brown, Meachem, Royal, Allen) how will they split the playing time?

BW: If everyone stays healthy, I think we will see Allen. Brown and Alexander getting a lot of playing time once the season gets going.