What Brice Butler offers Oakland

Every team has a May rookie star.

This year for Oakland, it was seventh-round pick, receiver Brice Butler. Bay Area reporters lauded Butler for making several impressive catches during a practice Saturday.

Of course, this means nothing. A rookie practice held the day before Mother’s Day does not mean much. However, it does put Butler on the radar. It will be interesting to see if he can make his coaches take notice during training camp and to see if he can crack a talented, young group of receivers on the 53-man roster.

I asked Steve Muench of Scouts Inc. to give me his thoughts on Butler as he tries to make an NFL roster. Muench said Butler has potential. This is what he had to say about the 6-foot-3, 205-pound San Diego State product:

“Butler is an interesting prospect because he has the speed, size and body control to stretch the field at the NFL level. There are of course reasons he didn’t get drafted until the seventh and the concerns start with his lack of production at the college level. He is a Southern Cal transfer who got lost in the shuffle there. In fairness adjusting to a new program and playing in a run heavy scheme hurt his production the one year he played at San Diego State. Still you would have liked to have seen more against MWC competition. He has to improve his ability to separate underneath too. He’s not crisp enough with his routes and he appears faster than quick on film. In terms of his hands, he can snatch the ball out of the air and make tough catches so no surprises he’s wowed there but he can let the ball get to his frame at times so he needs to be a little more consistent in that area.”

There’s no doubt Butler is nothing more than an NFL hopeful at this point. But as he showed over the weekend, there is potential.