Mailbag: Shaun Phillips' role

Mid-week mail call:

Murray from Edmonton, Alberta, wants to know how I think Chris Ault’s experience with the Pistol offense will affect the Chiefs.

Bill Williamson: Ault is simply a consultant. He will not be around the team full-time. The Pistol will not be the focal point for the Chiefs' offense, though there will be some packages built for quarterback Alex Smith. Ault is also helping the Kansas City defense prepare to face the offense, which is gaining popularity in the NFL.

Terry from Ohio wants to know if I think free-agent signing Rashad Jennings can help Oakland at running back.

BW: Honestly, I’m not that high on Jennings. He is what he is -- a backup. If Darren McFadden, who has had injury issues, is out for an extended time, I don’t think Jennings will give Oakland anything special. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is bypassed by sixth-round pick Latavius Murray at some point.

Derek from San Diego wants to know if I think pass-rusher Shaun Phillips will play a big role in Denver.

BW: I think he will be a secondary pass-rusher for the Broncos -- he has some burst left and will be given the chance to play. He will not be Elvis Dumervil, but he doesn’t have to be. As long as he gives Denver a solid pass-rushing threat when needed, he’ll fill his role.