Chat wrap: How good are Chiefs' DBs?

We had some serious technical difficulties, but we made it through our AFC West chat Thursday. Here are some highlights:


Kevin from KC: Is it possible for D. Thomas, W. Welker and E. Decker to all get 1000 yards this season?

Bill Williamson: It might be possible. They are all capable. It would be pretty wild, wouldn't it.

Kansas City

Clayton from KC: How does the KC secondary stack up against the other secondary in the AFC West?

BW: I think it is the best secondary in the division going into the season. No doubt.


Shaelan from Bowers: Who do you think will really be calling the plays offensively for Oakland? The reason I ask is because you've got both Olsen as OC AND Sparano as 'Assistant Head Coach' / OL coach. Seems like a head-butting situation.

BW: It will be Olson. Sparano will focus on the O-line. Don't get too caught up in that "assistant head coach" title.

San Diego

Billy from San Diego: Do you feel that the Charger offensive players still believe in Rivers? Does he still have command of the team or is there any dissension on the team privately about him?

BW: Not that I know of. They know what the offensive line has been like the past two years. He's really well respected in that locker room.