Chat wrap: What Alex Smith has to do

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Cougar Wilson from Charlotte, NC: How are the Denver Broncos handling the Ryan Clady contract situation?

Bill Williamson: Just waiting and seeing. What to make sure he comes back from the rotator cuff injury as expected. Expect a deal to get done at some point.

Kansas City

Jamey from Kansas City: What is your best guess what Alex Smiths stat line look like at the end of the season.

BW: Probably average. But that's OK. The key is cutting down on turnovers in Kansas City and Smith can do that.


Nathan Cathey from Lewisburg, TN.: Where do you see Sio Moore and Miles Burris lining up for the Raiders this fall?

BW: It really depends on how everything pans out. Oakland has a lot of linebackers so we need to see how it shakes out. I do expect Moore to get a lot of early playing time. I like him. I like Burris too.

San Diego

Ross from Iowa: Do you think the Chargers could potentially sign another defensive back? If Gilchrist is moving to safety who will be the nickel and dime corners?

BW: All TBA. I can see them adding someone in the waiver-claim period right before the season. The San Diego secondary is a work in progress.