Chat wrap: What will Chargers do at WR?

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Marty from San Diego: Alex Gibbs is back in Denver, Montee Ball is a great one cut runner, Denver looking to improve run game- does this all add up to more zone blocking? Hasn't really been Fox or Manning's MO.

Bill Williamson: Gibbs is there mostly to work with the young linemen who don't get many reps. The plan is not to change schemes. There will be some ZBS but not a ton. At least, that is the current plan.

Kansas City

Josh from Texas: How is Tony Moeaki doing?

BW: The key with him is health. It seems the new regime is really high on rookie Travis Kelce. Moeaki has skills, but if he is not careful he will be passed by Kelce.


Dan Martin from Florence, Colo.: With Rod Streater's performance last year as a rookie Raider, do you think he will be Oakland’s top receiver this year? All I've heard about is Moore and Criner.

BW: I wouldn't be shocked if Streator becomes an upper-level player. Like him a lot. He'll be a big part of it.

San Diego

Derek from Bristol, Va.: Do you see Malcom Floyd being a Charger next year after his contract expires? And do you also see Royal and or Meachem having a bounce back year?

BW: Maybe on Floyd is if he has a really nice season. But the Chargers are moving forward with the idea of having Brown, Allen and Alexander as their top guys. As for Royal and Meachem, anything they can offer this year will be a bonus.