Report: Oakland coach accused of abuse

OTL Exclusive: Tom Cable's Past (7:15)

"Outside The Lines" examines Raiders coach Tom Cable alleged history of abusing women. (7:15)

Posted by ESPN.com’s Bill Williamson

ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” reported that Oakland coach Tom Cable has a history of abuse against women.

The show reported that two women, a former wife and a former girlfriend of Cable’s, have accused him of physical abuse. A second wife said in divorce documents that Cable was abusive to her. However, in a statement to "Outside the Lines," she disputed those claims and said Cable was never abusive to her.

In a statement, Cable said he physically abused a woman once in his life. Cable was recently cleared of assault charges in Napa, Calif., following allegations made by defensive assistant Randy Hanson.

The Raiders play at San Diego on Sunday.