Poll: Will it be a tight division race?

We have entered the quietest time of the NFL calendar -- the break between the offseason programs and training camp.

As we wait for the teams in the AFC West to assemble late July to officially begin the march toward the 2013 season, we want to know if you think the AFC West will be a close race this season.

Last season, Denver went 13-3 and won the division by six games over second-place finisher San Diego, which was 7-9. The Chargers, Raiders and Chiefs combined for just 13 wins.

There has been significant turnover in all four organizations in the offseason. Denver has added several key free agents, but the other teams have been busy as well. Do you think Denver is the clear favorite to win the division or do you think this will be a tight race? Please take our poll and express your thoughts in the comment section below. We will review the poll results Wednesday.