Poll results: Denver's division to win

It appears the readers of this blog agree with the masses.

We asked readers if they think it will be a tight race in the AFC West this year or if they think the Denver Broncos will be the clear favorite. Nationally, experts think Denver is the heavy favorite.

As of 7:05 p.m. ET Wednesday, 60 percent of the votes believe Denver is the clear favorite, while 40 percent think it will be a race.

Last season, Denver went 13-3 and won the division by six games over second-place finisher San Diego, which was 7-9. The Chargers, Raiders and Chiefs combined for just 13 wins.

There has been significant turnover in all four organizations in the offseason. Denver has added several key free agents, but the other teams have been busy as well.

I bet the division will be closer this season, but I can’t disagree with the masses in this poll. As of now, Denver looks like the favorite.