Jamaal Charles is high on Andy Reid

Kansas City star running back Jamaal Charles appeared on ESPN’s NFL32 on Tuesday. He touched on several topics.

It is clear Charles is excited to start playing for Andy Reid. Charles raved about Reid and said he will be a good fit for Reid’s offense. In Reid’s attack in Philadelphia, the running back received the ball out of the backfield often and Charles is prepared for extra work. Charles has good hands. He had 35 catches last season and a career-high 45 in 2010. I could see Charles catching 50-60 passes this season under Reid’s guidance.

Charles gets paid, first and foremost, to carry the ball. He had 1,509 yards last season. The Chiefs will have plenty of plays that calls for Charles to run. In fact, earlier this offseason, receiver Dwayne Bowe predicted Charles would lead the NFL in rushing.

Asked about it Tuesday, Charles lit up. He didn’t shy away from the challenge and he said he is happy his teammates have so much confidence in him.

Charles is also looking forward to having an improved offensive line. The unit will feature rookie Eric Fisher at right tackle. Fisher was the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. Charles said Fisher did an outstanding job in the offseason program and he thinks Fisher will be a big part of the offense.

There is a lot of optimism in Kansas City these days and Charles’ appearance on NFL32 re-affirms the high expectations.