Chat Wrap: Questions for Chargers' DBs

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, held earlier Thursday:


David from Mile High City: Hey Bill, How much do you think Ayers can really step in for the loss of Dumervil? Because I'm worried that if Ayers can't be a force to be worried about, Von could see a lot more double-teams..

Bill Williamson: The Broncos don't need Ayers to be Dumervil. They just need him to continue to do well against the run and be a solid player.

Kansas City

Nollskie from Oklahoma: If KC wins 8-8 games they lose a second round draft pick in 2014? Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

BW: It really depends on how well Smith plays. Effective quarterback play is worth it.


Robert from Cali: Why is everyone so worried about making Tyler Wilson the starter for the Raiders? he needs time to sit and learn (ex. Aaron Rodgers)

BW: I don't think anyone is worried. It's just an opportunity. Big differnce -- Rodgers was sitting behind Brett Favre. Wilson is behind a 28-year-old who has two NFL starts. So, if Flynn fails to show he is an NFL starter, the opportunity for Wilcon could arise.

San Diego

Nick W. from Indianapolis: When you were in SD how did the secondary look to you? Derek Cox and Shareece Wright especially.

BW: The secondary begins with Weddle and Cox. Questions after that. Wright can be good, but he is raw.