Poll results: Heat is on Philip Rivers

It seems the pressure is on San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers.

I can buy that.

Thanks to a terrific question from a reader, Adam from Sacramento, our poll asked readers which of these three quarterbacks -- Rivers, Kansas City’s Alex Smith and Oakland’s Matt Flynn -- faced the most pressure in 2013. The question originated in my AFC west chat last week. I answered Flynn, because he is the closest to be being replaced of the three.

But I could make an argument or all three players being the answer. That’s why I posed the poll question.

As of 2 p.m. ET Wednesday, it was clear we had a runaway answer --- Rivers. The San Diego quarterback received 57 percent of the vote, followed by Flynn receiving 24 percent. Smith trailed with 19 percent.

I get the Rivers vote. He has had two subpar seasons, and the new regime wants to see results. New coach Mike McCoy thinks he can fix Rivers. But if his issues continue, San Diego might look to make a change.

Thanks to everyone for participating, and thanks to Adam for supplying the fodder.