More Hochuli controversy aftermath

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Tuesday, I received a very thoughtful, heartfelt e-mail from a reader imploring me to tell fans to lay off NFL official Ed Hochuli in the aftermath of his terrible call that cost San Diego a victory in Denver on Sunday.

The reader said he had been reading fan forums on the internet where people were bragging that they have harassed Hochuli at home, at work and through e-mail. Hochuli's e-mail address, which is a work address, has been floating around the internet.

The reader asked me to tell people to leave Hochuli alone. I truly appreciate the concerns of the reader who sent me the note, but I decided it wasn't my place to ask people to do anything outside my direct duties of this blog.

Here is a story, however, that explains the situation and it reports that Hochuli is actually responding to the hate mail. Hochuli has always been known as a strong official and a classy human being. He will surely move on and resume what has been a mostly stellar NFL career.

Meanwhile, in Denver, Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler, whose fumble caused the controversy, is ready to move on.