Chat wrap: Do Chiefs worry Broncos?

A look at some highlights of our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Ben from Boston: I've heard a lot of positive buzz about Julius Thomas and David Bruton. What do you think the odds are that those guys see serious playing time this year?

Bill Williamson: They both have a shot. They will be given the chance to show what they can do. I think Bruton will play a lot. Health is the key for Thomas.

Kansas City

Bob A from Denver: Do you think teams will be overlooking KC early in the season due to last year's record? I think that would be a big mistake

BW: I think Denver respects that coaching staff and the roster. The league knows the Chiefs have ability.


Steve from NY: Any reason to expect Raiders defensive linemen Christo Bilukidi or Jack Crawford to stand out in Year 2?

BW: These are exactly the type of players Oakland wants to see develop in a building year like this. They both have some promise. I kind of like Bilukidi. Don't be surprised if he develops quickly.

San Diego

Rick from San Diego: Will Johnnie Troutman be able to help SD out on o-line this year? Any great UFA's we should know about on the Chargers that could make the team too?

BW: If he can stay healthy, he has a chance to get into the rotation. He has a chance to be a good player.