Raiders make statements on Cable allegations

Posted by ESPN.com’s Bill Williamson

The Oakland Raiders put out two press releases Monday afternoon regarding ESPN’s "Outside the Lines" report about alleged physical abuse against women by Raiders’ head coach Tom Cable.

One release indicated that the team will take the allegations very seriously, while the other questioned the network’s coverage of the team.

Still, it could be perceived that Cable’s future with the team could be clouded. At the very least, the team has announced that it is taking the allegations seriously and there is a precedent for dismissal for inappropriate behavior.

Here are the statements:


Over the last few days, we learned of the allegations made against Coach Cable and we are, of course, aware of his response thereto. In conjunction with the League office, we will undertake a serious evaluation of this matter.

We wish to be clear that we do not in any way condone or accept actions such as those alleged.

There have been occasions on which we have dismissed Raider employees for having engaged in inappropriate conduct. For reasons of privacy, we kept the basis for those dismissals confidential. We endured public opprobrium for the dismissals, all the while knowing our basis for them was appropriate.


ESPN’s role in this matter must be carefully examined. ESPN routinely disseminates falsehoods about the Raiders. During the last year, ESPN (working with someone who was in this organization) engaged in a calculated effort to distort the truth about the Raiders, utilizing lies and innuendo.