Eric Weddle talks up teammates

SAN DIEGO -- One of my favorite players in the AFC West to chat with is San Diego safety Eric Weddle. Weddle is one of those guys who fills my notebook every time.

This week’s visit to the Chargers’ training camp was no different. Here are some topics Weddle mused about:

On new pass-rusher Dwight Freeney: “Dwight is going to help us a lot. He is going to give us a spark. It is going to be nice to have a guy who teams are going to have to game plan for. It’s going to be a big help.”

On rookie middle linebacker Manti Te'o: “He’s going to be good. He is the guy who we expected. He’s instinctive and he makes plays. He plays fast on the field. I look forward to seeing him playing in the preseason. He’ll be good.”

On the Chargers’ offensive line: “I like our line. I think its better, way better, than people think it is. They are athletic, tough and physical. We are going to be good there.”