Chargers' offensive line to get early test

NFL players, especially starting players, rarely look forward to preseason action.

However, that’s not how King Dunlap feels. The Chargers’ starting left tackle -- he is holding off Max Starks for the job -- wants to get on the field and see how he and his fellow starters do in what is a transitional year for the Chargers’ offensive line. Only center Nick Hardwick is a returning starter at his normal position.

The Chargers play Seattle on Thursday night at home. The Seahawks have a strong pass-rushing unit and a top-line defense. Dunlap is looking forward to facing them.

“I really want to see how we do against a good defense and a good pass-rushing team,” Dunlap said. “That will be a big test. We can then come back to practice and work on the things we did well and didn’t do well on. It’s important to face a good defense early to see where you are at.”

There is no question San Diego’s offensive line is one of the team’s biggest question marks. However, I get the sense that the team is confident the unit will be improved in 2013. We will get the first chance to judge, along with Dunlap, after the Seattle game.