What to watch for: Raiders at Saints

Three things to watch for as the Oakland Raiders play at New Orleans on Friday at 8 p.m. ET:

The quarterbacks: The quarterback to watch closely in this game are backup Terrelle Pryor and No. 3 quarterback Matt McGloin. They were the most intriguing of Oakland’s four quarterbacks in last week’s win over Dallas. Pryor is still inconsistent, but he is improving and is exciting. If he continues to grow in the preseason, he could eventually push starter Matt Flynn. McGloin, an undrafted free agent, has been better than fourth-round pick Tyler Wilson. Let’s see if McGloin can keep it up.

The punting competition: Young, untested Marquette King has closed the gap in his battle with veteran Chris Kluwe over the past week. If King out-punts Kluwe again, he could become the favorite to win the job.

The tight ends: The Raiders do not have an established NFL tight end on their roster. They have some promising youngster, but someone needs to take the lead in this race in New Orleans.