Chat wrap: Jared Veldheer's future

Here are some highlights from our AFC West (sans Denver) chat, held earlier Friday:


John from Mo.: Should Chiefs fans be concern on how Eric Fisher already had two injuries (thumb, shoulder)?

Bill Williamson: Minor and minor. He plays a brutal position. They all get nicked up.


Tucker Lane from Charleston, SC: In your estimation, how does the Veldheer injury change his future with the team? Will he still be a priority re-sign this offseason?

BW: Yes, I think he will stay, especially if he misses the entire season. The Raiders know him better than other teams. Thus, they likely will be more willing to spend on him.


Mike from Beantown: At one point in time I considered Rivers one of the best QBs in the league, like 4-5 yrs ago. Do you think his stats he put up were more because of the team around him?

BW: That helped. But on the flip side, the current team around him is adversely affecting his stats.