Pryor or Flynn? Allen stays mum

Despite every indication, and a local report, that Terrelle Pryor will start at quarterback for the Oakland Raiders in their season opener at Indianapolis on Sunday, coach Dennis Allen is staying mum.

Allen remains steadfast in his belief that he is retaining a competitive advantage by not revealing his choice – Pryor or Matt Flynn.

“If I didn’t think there was, I wouldn’t do it,” Allen said Wednesday.

“Listen, we’ve got a plan, all right? And really at the end of the day, guys, I’ve kind of addressed where we’re at and what I’m doing with the quarterback situation and it is what it is and we’ve got to move on from that. We’ll have a quarterback ready to play when we go out there on Sunday.

“Whether it gives us an advantage or not, we’ll see.”

Allen would not divulge whether he would dress two quarterbacks or three against the Colts, either. What he would do, was talk about Pryor’s continued development throughout the preseason.

“There were times where he really gave us a spark where he really did some good things, where he can create,” Allen said. “There’s still a growing process where he has to go through and we’ve had to take some lumps, I guess would be the term, but I think overall I’ve been pleased with the progression of Terrelle Pryor.”

Flynn, who was not available, and Pryor, who has been taking more snaps with the first-team offense, have been told of Allen’s decision. But Pryor continued to play the role of good soldier by saying he could not reveal it.

Instead, Pryor said he’s been in training.

“Training my mind,” he said, “like I always do.

“It’s hard to stop a guy who has a mind of getting better every day. I don’t know if people hear me say that and take me serious, but I’m serious. Every day I want to get better. I want to try to excel and get as high and as great to see where I can get to my potential. That’s something that drives me -- to see how far I can go and how well I can do and stuff like that.”

Pryor said he is “still building that chemistry” with the Raiders first-team receivers in Rod Streater and Denarius Moore and “getting used to some of them guys” heading to Indianapolis.

“For my preparation, especially a game week where you get a full week, I believe my mind, my spirit will be very, I’ll be comfortable,” Pryor said, when asked to imagine a scenario in which he is the starter. “If that’s the case, I’ll be ready.”