Sound-off: Rivers-Manning trade revisited

Posted by ESPN.com’s Bill Williamson

This one is for San Diego Chargers’ fans:

Is there any way you are upset with the blockbuster 2004 trade that sent Eli Manning to the Giants and Philip Rivers (and then via later draft picks linebacker Shawne Merriman and kicker Nate Kaeding) to San Diego after Sunday's events?

Nationally, there is still a perception that the Giants got the better of the deal because Manning (who did not want to play for the Chargers) led the Giants to a Super Bowl title after the 2007 season.

Rivers has better statistics than Manning and he led San Diego on an 80-yard drive to beat the Giants on Sunday in the final seconds. Merriman and Kaeding are major cogs for San Diego.

So, on the heels of the huge win over Manning and the Giants, do you think the Chargers got the better of the deal or do you think the Chargers have to win a Super Bowl with Rivers to make the deal worthwhile?

Hit my mailbag with your thoughts. I will post some of your responses later in the week.