Raiders preparing to play Pryor or Flynn

With Terrelle Pryor having suffered a concussion Monday night, the Raiders are entering a short work week with the possibility of either Pryor or Matt Flynn starting at quarterback Sunday against Washington.

“I think we’ve got to be prepared for any option,” Raiders coach Dennis Allen said at his news conference on Tuesday afternoon.

“And obviously if Terrelle’s not able to go, Matt Flynn will be the guy, so we’ve got to be prepared for any scenario.”

Pryor was injured on a second-and-goal play from the Denver 6-yard line with about 6:30 to play in the game when he ran into a blitzing Wesley Woodyard, whose helmet met with Pryor’s left jaw.

Allen said the helmet-to-helmet hit appeared legal because it happened within the tackle box.

And while Pryor, who stayed down for a bit after the hit but remained in the game for two more plays, did not speak to reporters after the game, he took to Twitter Tuesday morning.

“Sorry about the loss RaiderNation,” he tweeted. “I don’t remember much ! Good hit by whoever it was. I heard our team fought well .. We will be back!

“I feel great by the way! Thanks for the concern! Go Raiders!”

Two hours later, Pryor added, “Im ready to go.”

Entering the season, Allen leaned on “competitive reasons” for not publicly naming a starting quarterback. Now, Pryor’s concussion might provide a similar scenario against Washington.

“He’s got to go through the protocol, so we’ll look at how he’s doing [Wednesday],” Allen said. “We’ll see whether or not he’s able to go or not and then we’ll see as the week goes on and make a determination of what we can do.”

Pryor, who has thrown for 624 yards on 65.4 percent passing with two touchdowns and two interceptions while rushing for 198 yards on 26 carries, and Flynn, a more traditional West Coast offense-style QB making $6.5 million this season, obviously have different skill sets. They are so divergent they would require tweaking of the playbook.

“It’s a little bit of a challenge, but that’s where we’re at and that’s what we’ve got to get ready to do,” Allen said, adding that there is still overlap in scheme despite Pryor surprising the Raiders brass by winning the gig in training camp.

“Listen, we haven’t just thrown out the offensive system and changed it. We’ve added some plays that we feel … lends itself to Terrelle’s skill set. But we still have a lot of the same concepts and a lot of the same things that we can do with either quarterback.”

After the game, Flynn said he would be prepared to start if called upon.

“I’m always going to be ready,” he said. “I’m always going to prepare and that’s one thing this team will never have to worry about, is me being ready.”

Allen was also asked why Pryor remained in the game for two plays after the Woodyard hit. Allen said Pryor showed no signs of being concussed in the immediate aftermath. It was not until after that offensive series that the Oakland medical staff decided to take him to the locker room for further evaluation, and that’s when a concussion was diagnosed and Pryor’s night was done after 281 yards passing on 19 of 28 attempts with a 73-yard touchdown pass.

“Football’s a tough sport, and there’s going to be collisions and you try to do everything you can to make sure that you’re taking into account player safety and I think our medical people followed the protocol that’s set forth by the NFL,” Allen said.

“When we determined that he had a concussion, we got him out of the game.”