D.J. Fluker just doing his job on 'body slam'

SAN DIEGO -- One of the most talked about plays from San Diego’s loss to Oakland occurred in the third quarter.

With the Chargers down 24-3 on the team’s own 20-yard line, Chargers right tackle D.J. Fluker forcefully slammed Oakland pass-rusher Sio Moore to the ground as he left the ground while trying to get to San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers.

Fluker received an assist from right guard Jeromey Clary, who came over to help block Moore on the play. You can watch it here.

Moore stayed on the ground after the play, and had to be attended to by Oakland’s training staff before leaving the field on his own.

Fluker said he was shocked that he got flagged for a personal foul for unnecessary roughness, and does not believe he should be fined by the NFL. Fines usually are announced by the league on Friday.

“I was surprised,” Fluker said. “Me and Clary looked back at it, and we were like, ‘A flag for what?’ But the play was still going. It happens. Other than that, I just love playing football. It’s not going to change my aggressiveness, not at all.”

Referee Jeff Triplette announced that Fluker received the penalty for body slamming Moore to the ground. A point of emphasis for the league this season is protecting players that could be considered in a defenseless or vulnerable position. The penalty was Fluker’s second personal foul penalty this season.

“My thing is, I was doing my job to make sure Philip was protected, and that’s what we did,” Fluker said. “I’m on the edge. Is it fair for him to bull rush me every time he’s out there? He jumped off of his feet. And when someone jumps off of their feet like that, our coach tells us to finish them. So that’s what we’re supposed to do. That’s our job.”