Locker Room Buzz: Oakland Raiders

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Observed in the locker room after the Oakland Raiders24-7 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs:

Flashback: It was just outside this locker room, after the 2010 season finale -- in which a 31-10 Oakland victory gave it an 8-8 record, the first non-losing season since 2002 -- that coach Tom Cable uttered his infamous proclamation that the Raiders were no longer losers. I prefer to remember my encounter with the late Al Davis a hallway away. After I offered an opinion that it was a nice end to the season to finish 8-8, Davis sneered, “If that’s the world you live in.” Priceless. A few weeks later, Cable was fired.

Crowded room: The visitors locker room at Arrowhead Stadium is one of the most cramped in the NFL, awkwardly separated by a wall that makes for two cramped quarters. It’s quite a scene, reporters and players bumping into one another as reporters search for sound bites and players scramble for the shower, everyone stepping over equipment bags and dirty laundry.

Getting his work in: On the floor in the middle of the “offensive” room, meanwhile, was receiver Brice Butler, rolling his body over a Styrofoam roller.

Taking his time: Terrelle Pryor was the most sought-after interview. He also took his time getting showered and dressed. Such is the life of an NFL quarterback.