Chiefs benefit from aggressive philosophy

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- More evidence that Andy Reid’s aggressive philosophy is taking hold in Kansas City came in Sunday’s win against the Cleveland Browns. One of the NFL’s top return specialists, Quintin Demps, took the opening kickoff six yards deep in the Kansas City Chiefs' end zone.

Rather than sit on the ball and put the Chiefs at the 20 to start the game, Demps brought the ball from the end zone, but was soon swarmed by the Browns and tackled at the Kansas City 12.

The next time Demps had the chance to return a kickoff, he made the catch nine yards deep in the end zone. Instead of being afraid of a repeat from his first trip outside the end zone, Demps brought it out for a 34-yard return, giving the Chiefs possession at their 25.

The extra five yards was not a game-changer. But the Chiefs went on to score a touchdown after Demps’ second return, going 75 yards in six plays.

Demps later said he’s been told by his coaches to be aggressive with his decisions and not be afraid of mistakes. It’s indeed another example of how Reid’s coaching philosophy is benefitting the Chiefs.

“Not necessarily,’’ Reid said Monday when asked whether Demps was being too aggressive with his decisions. “There are certain places you want to down them and other times we’re confident in what we’re doing and confident in him.’’