Reid won't need to push intensity this week

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City Chiefs returned to practice Monday for the first time after their bye, and there was no mystery what they spent their time on.

“A combination," Chiefs coach Andy Reid said. “We worked a little bit on Denver and a little bit more on Denver."

It’s probably an understatement that Reid didn’t have to work hard to get the attention of the Chiefs. They’re 9-0 and the NFL’s last remaining unbeaten team, but the Broncos are only a step behind at 8-1. Starting time for the game on Sunday in Denver was recently pushed back to prime time to accommodate a prime-time audience and the massive amount of attention this game is attracting.

In fact, Reid might have to dial back the intensity this week for a game that has been much anticipated for weeks.

“I don’t think focus is where your emphasis goes on this game," Reid said. “They’re going to be focused. They’re playing a good football team, and that’s just how it works. You go back to the things you have done every week from a preparation standpoint. You respect the heck out of Denver and you study them, and you get yourself right as a team. You make sure you know the scheme, and you be sure you stay up to what you need to be physically ...

“You just don’t want to get caught up in all the distractions that go on with playing a Sunday night game, or that you’re playing the Denver Broncos."

Reid coached the Philadelphia Eagles for 14 seasons before joining the Chiefs this season. The Eagles were 13-1 in those seasons in their week after the bye, the only loss coming last season in Reid’s worst with Philadelphia.

“I would tell you I thought our (bye) hit at a good time," Reid said. “I think the guys have come back and their retention level (is) good. They’ll be a little bit fresher and ready to go. We practiced today and it looked like they were moving around pretty good."