Janikowski: 'I want to redeem myself'

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- How has Sebastian Janikowski attacked his sudden case of the yips on field-goal attempts?

By watching film. About 2 1/2 hours worth.

“I watched film from this year, every kick, and last year,” the 14-year pro, former first-round draft pick and highest-paid kicker in league history said Monday night. “It seems like my step, I'm off to the side, I'm too wide. My plant foot is way ahead. I'm just not finishing.

“I've still got five games left (to correct it).”

Janikowski missed two field goals in Sunday's 23-19 loss to the Tennessee Titans, a chip shot from 32 yards to end the first half and a 48-yarder in the third quarter. He also made four others, from 52, 48, 24 and 42 yards.

Still, it was his first multi-miss game since Sept. 26, 2010, and he has already missed as many field goals this season as he did the previous two years combined, seven.

And the left-footed kicker's first six misses this year were from the left hashmark.

“That's what everybody is talking about,” Janikowski said. “I don't care which hash it is. It's just like I said, I'm not finishing my kicks. I'm taking the steps the wrong way, I'm too wide.”

Many point to an unfamiliarity with a new holder in Marquette King after 13 years with Shane Lechler, and sideline radio reporter Lincoln Kennedy, a former teammate, said during the Titans game that Janikowski told him he did not like a hold on one of his misses.

“You'll have to talk to Marquette or the head coach about that,” Janikowski said.

King, though, was not available.

Said Allen: “I wouldn't necessarily say there's an issue (between them), but I would say that when we go out there to kick field goals, we've got to make field goals.”

Janikowski insisted there is no problem with King.

“There's no issue at all,” he said. “During the game, I just pushed it.

“Marquette did a great job all the way around. We're cool.”

And while a short week with a Thanksgiving Day game against the Dallas Cowboys may not be all that inviting to the more “physical” players, it has its benefits for Janikowski ... and King.

“I wish I could play today, yeah,” he said. “I want to go out there and play Dallas right now. I want to redeem myself a little bit.”