Sound-off responses

Posted by ESPN.com’s Bill Williamson

San Diego fans love Philip Rivers.

Our sound-off question this week was: Is there any way a Charger fan could not be pleased with the team’s 2004 draft-day trade that sent Eli Manning to the New York Giants and Rivers to San Diego?

There’s no way.

Chargers fans are ecstatic that they got Rivers, who beat Manning and the Giants in the final seconds Sunday in their first head-to-head meeting. San Diego also got draft picks in the deal that turned into standout linebacker Shawne Merriman and reliable kicker Nate Kaeding.

I’m with Chargers fans. This was a great deal. Even if it was just Rivers straight up, this would have been a steal. Yes, Manning has a Super Bowl ring. But Rivers is a franchise player who is going to help the Chargers for years to come.

San Diego fans appreciate this deal and they should. It was a great trade. Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who responded:

Kyle from San Diego: I don’t see how anyone can argue that NY got the better end of the deal. NY got one player and we got three. All 4 are pro bowlers. Yes, NY won a Super Bowl but lets be honest, if NY played in the AFC they wouldnt have even made the playoffs that year. Manning is good but I dont think he has the intangibles that Rivers has. I mean Rivers played a great game 6 days after having ACL surgery when players usually sit out the season after that. The only thing Eli has over Phillip right now is his ring but thats a team achievement not an individual. Would you say Eli is better than Marino or even Brees right now just because they dont have a ring? I dont think so.

Rob from Houston, TX: I have always thought Rivers is the best QB out of his draft class. WHile Superbowl rings come with team performances, Rivers plays like a Superbowl QB. As long as we have him on the team, the Chargers will be competitive.

Rich Esquivel from EL Cajon, CA: The Manning Rivers trade was a blockbuster move for San Diego. If the Chargers would have ended up with Manning (Eli) they would not have Shaun or Nate. All things being equal (even though Rivers is better than Manning) for the sake of argument, the addition of Shaun and Nate are too big to be ignored. Yeah Manning ended up on a Superbowl team, but he made less of an improvement on that team than Rivers, Mariman, and Kading made on the Chargers, a lot less!

Chris Germain from New Jersey: Unfortunately for Rivers, a Super Bowl is needed in order to get the same hype (or respect) that Eli Manning has gotten. I live in NJ but have been a Chargers fan since age 11 (1981), but you speak to any Giant fan and they will all say Eli has a ring and Rivers doesn't.In the end, Rivers was the better pick...regardless of the extra draft picks SD got. I wouldn't trade his passion and talent for anything.

Troy from San Diego, CA: No doubt, the Chargers got the better end of the deal. Were it Manning for Rivers straight up, I'd still rather have Rivers. They're both franchise guys for sure but, where Manning was afraid to go to a team that was mediocre, Rivers was excited to go make a team better. That willingness to fight through adversity will get Rivers his ring in time, Manning got his through luck and great teamates...Add Merriman and Kaeding the deal and it's no contest... The QB we wanted all along and a pro-bowl linebacker and pro-bowl kicker to go along with it. Thank you very much Mr Accorsi!

Ryan from Maryland: Just getting Rivers is enough to say the Chargers got the better end of the deal. The Giants won their Superbowl mainly because of their outstanding defense that year, had Rivers been on that team they still would have won. Rivers is one of the top 5 QB's in the league, Eli top 10(if that). Rivers does not lose games for the Chargers, Eli on the other hand still makes crucial mistakes and never makes up for them. Eli is either outstanding or horrible, there is no middle line for him. Rivers even he throws a few INT's he'll turn around and win the game for the Chargers(against the Giants). Chargers got the star QB, the Giants just got someone with a famous name.

Enrique Alvarado from San Diego, CA: Sound Off-Rivers/Manning: As a die hard Charger fan I want to say the Bolts got the better of the deal but you cannot argue with the facts and the facts are that Manning delivered a SuperBowl to his city and the Chargers are still waiting. Yes the Chargers got Rivers, Kaeding and Merriman but this might be Merrimans last year as a Charger and we have only came close to a SuperBowl and close don't cut it. I do believe that Rivers is the better QB but you are judged by wins and losses and SuperBowl wins and Eli has it. At the end of the day I see Rivers bringing a couple of SuperBowls to SD only time will tell. To date, New York got the better deal

Matt Stephens from London, ON Canada: I love how people pull out the "giants won the trade because they won the superbowl" But Eli didn't win the superbowl. If they had Rivers, (or more likely Big Ben because they never wanted Rivers and only drafted him to complete the pre-arranged trade). The Giants would have had just as much of a chance to win the superbowl. Put Eli on the Chargers and take away Merriman and Kaeding? Come on. The Chargers never would have even won a playoff game, let alone make it to the AFC championship. Chargers won this trade, without a doubt.

Dion from Oceanside, CA: Bill, the Chargers definitely got the better quarterback. Had a silly corner in the 06 playoffs not fumble at a key point in the patriots game we would probably have a ring too. Its a team effort to win the big one. I don't think Eli nor Ben is the quarterback that Peyton and Tom Brady are but their TEAM won the superbowl in the past few games.

Clyde Nelson from Chicago: Being a charger fan I will always take Rivers over Eli, but here's why. He is the more dominant quarterback over the last 2 years making teams have to adjust from the running team we were to the pass happy team we have become. Aside from that you have to say Eli has the best of Rivers with the ring on his hand, but it ain't by much. And if you don't believe it look at their faces after that game ended.

Steve from San Francisco: Bill, regarding Manning-Rivers trade and the Giants Super Bowl win... would you trade Trent Dilfer for Dan Marino? Exact same scenario.