Allen: 'We're in the solution business'

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- Surveying the rubble of Sunday’s record-setting 56-31 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders coach Dennis Allen insisted he stay the course over the season’s final two games.

And really, what choice does he have?

“It wasn’t from a lack of effort, it wasn’t from a lack of trying, we just have to play better,” Allen said Monday in his weekly news conference.

So then, if it’s not from a lack of effort, is it from a lack of talent, perhaps?

The 56 points surrendered were a franchise high, and the seven turnovers were the most the Raiders had committed since 1998.

“Listen, I think you're always trying to be better from a talent standpoint,” Allen said. “But these are our football players, and they've given us everything they have this year. And they're going to continue to give us everything they have.

“And we as coaches, we've got to continue to try to put them in the best positions that they can have success. You don't win football games just by coaching; you don't win football games just by playing; it's a combination of both. And we're not going to let anybody drive a stake between us.”

If it sounds like it’s time to circle the wagons, so be it.

The Raiders (4-10) have to find a way out of this tailspin in which they have lost four straight and six of seven after entering that game against the Philadelphia Eagles at a promising 3-4. The San Diego Chargers (7-7) await this weekend in Southern California.

Otherwise, speculation about Allen’s’ job status and weighing the prospect of rebuilding, again, against continuity will dominate the discussion.

“Our job is to come together as a group, coaches and players,” Allen said. “We're in the solution business, not in the creating problem business. And that's what we've got to go work to do, and that's finding solutions to alleviate the problems.”