Andy Reid saw Chargers' FG violation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Coach Andy Reid said he noticed at the time that the San Diego Chargers lined up improperly on Ryan Succop’ s 41-yard field goal attempt in the final seconds of the fourth quarter of Sunday’s overtime loss to the Chargers.

“You saw I called a time out there,’’ Reid said Monday. “That was for a reason. I saw it. I couldn’t challenge. I had a timeout so I called it so maybe they could take a peek.

“Listen, [it was] human error.’’

With four seconds left in the game and the score tied at 24, Succop missed the field goal attempt. But the Chargers lined up seven players on the right side of the ball on the kick, a violation of NFL rules.

The Chargers should have been penalized 5 yards and Succop should have been allowed to try another kick, this one from 36 yards.

But the officials failed to notice. The Chiefs couldn’t request a video review at that point in the game so Reid called the timeout in the hope that the officials would figure it out.

They didn’t. The Chiefs weren’t the ones who paid the price. The Pittsburgh Steelers did. They would have made the playoffs instead of the Chargers had the Chiefs won the game.

The league needs to fix the problem. It’s never a good situation when a coach sees a violation that the officials miss, but can’t do anything about it.