Does Michael Vick make sense for 49ers?

How would Michael Vick look as Colin Kaepernick’s backup?

Peter King of Sports Illustrated thinks he would fit quite nicely. King pegs the 49ers as a “dark horse” candidate to land Vick, who will not be returning to Philadelphia. King writes that if Vick doesn’t get any firm starting job bites, he could be interested in playing for a contender like the 49ers as a backup.

It’s a pretty interesting connection. Vick is a mobile quarterback, like Kaepernick. It is ideal when the backup quarterback has a similar style to the starter. That helps the entire offense transition if the backup has to play. Vick would be a better scheme fit than 2013 backup Colt McCoy, who is also a free agent.

Having a reliable player like Vick backing up Kaepernick could ease the team’s concerns about Kaepernick running in the regular season. It was clear in the playoffs that the 49ers are much more comfortable with Kaepernick running when all the chips are on the table. Knowing there is a quality backup may open up the playbook a bit throughout the season.

I’m sure the 49ers will consider taking a backup quarterback in the May draft, but if the price and timing is right, Vick could be a short-term answer.