Chiefs haven't forgotten playoff collapse

Perhaps it's a good thing last year's playoff collapse against the Indianapolis Colts remains fresh on the minds of the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs begin the second week of their offseason program on Monday and it could serve as motivation.

The Chiefs surrendered a 38-10 third-quarter lead before eventually losing 45-44 to the Colts. And clearly they aren't over the way their 2013 season came to an end.

"This was my third time going to the playoffs and the other ones were different," linebacker Derrick Johnson said. The Chiefs were easily dismissed by Indianapolis and the Baltimore Ravens in Johnson's two previous playoff games.

"I watched the game right after (in previous years). I wanted to see every play. This game, not that I was bitter, but it was one of those games when you know you should have won. But it happened so you've got to go into the offseason and get your mind right.

"Now if I watch the film of the Colts game, I can dissect it a little better. My mindframe just wasn't right. I'm sure a lot of veteran guys that were in that game probably didn't watch it right after the game like you usually do."

Defensive end Mike DeVito, who played in, and lost, AFC championship games with the New York Jets before joining the Chiefs, said he feels much the same way as Johnson.

"I'm still not over it," DeVito said. "Of all the games I've played, two AFC championship games, losing in those AFC championship games, I don't know if I've ever hurt more than after that game. Then to have to sit on that for 3 1/2 months, it's not fun.

You do (normally) go back and look at it but that one, I'm with (Johnson) on that. It hurt so much."

Safety Eric Berry did watch video of the playoff game.

"A few times," he said. "It doesn't get any easier watching it."

It's too early to say if this is a potential problem for the Chiefs. Any team mentally tough enough to start a new season 9-0 after winning just two games the year before is probably resilient enough to shake off a playoff loss.

But difficult playoff defeats do tend to linger. They've brought down some seemingly strong programs before, including the Chiefs on more than one occasion.

It's a situation worth watching.