Roby gets a royal welcome to Broncos

ENGLEWOOD, Colo.--– For the Denver Broncos, it is a re-set button for any and all issues, an electronic tug on the lapels, an attention-getter.

And in his first hours as the newest player on the Broncos' roster, Bradley Roby got his first one. He got his first text message from quarterback Peyton Manning.

“That was so surreal man, I almost didn't believe it," Roby said Friday after being formally introduced by the team. "It just shows the type of guy he is, it shows where he is at in his career, he knows that it’s only, to be honest, a few years left he wants to get a Super Bowl and that’s why I got the text messages -- 'OK, you've been drafted, but let’s get to work.' I’m with that 100 percent."

Manning is renowned for his prowess with a smartphone. He seeks out any and all players to congratulate, push or simply touch base. All of the new Broncos talk of getting the first text from him after they have joined the team.

For his part, Roby certainly felt the sting of a draft-day slide Thursday night. He's a big, blindingly fast cornerback who athletically is a top-15 player in this draft, but slid down because of concerns over his maturity, discipline and a couple off-the-field incidents. He was at No. 14 on the Broncos' draft board, certainly a value pick when the Broncos' selection rolled around at No. 31, the spot where the risk-reward quotient was right.

They have done their homework on Roby, put him under the character microscope and they simply believe Roby, an intelligent 20-something, will understand the Broncos expect him to grow up now.

Not later, but right now. Roby said Friday he believes he's been mis-cast as a problem football child in most of the pre-draft discussion surrounding his time at Ohio State and he's ready to show he isn't what many said he is.

“Guys tried to put me in a category, kind of, because of the things I got myself into," Roby said. "I made some bad decisions in the past, but at the end of the day that doesn't make me a bad guy. Ask anybody who’s coached me, I’m a great guy, a great teammate.

“Some of the things I've been hearing -- is he a good teammate? Does he get along with his teammates, these guys really don’t know me at all … at the end of the day I’m in a great place for myself."

Roby said he still believes he is the top cornerback in this draft -- “I was the best guy, honestly" -- and that he still maintained his confidence he would be a first-round pick Thursday, even as just a few picks remaining in the opening round.

“I was like there’s no way I’m falling out of first round," Roby said. "My mother, on the other hand, she was totally different, she was like, 'oh yeah we'll be here at 7 (Friday night),' I’m like 'Mom, there’s four picks left, how are you going to say that already.’ I’m like just keep the faith ... I’m happy, this is a great spot for me and I’m going to prove to people it’s a great spot for me."