Kiffin update

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

A potentially important development just occurred in Oakland. Coach Lane Kiffin told reporters that he will no longer talk about his relationship with Al Davis.

Kiffin, who has earned a reputation for being honest with the media, was apologetic for his new stance. Here's the question: Why did Kiffin adopt this new policy?

Did he meet with Davis and agree not to talk about their relationship again? Is it part of an agreement to keep Kiffin in Oakland?

Something is going on and Kiffin is still the Oakland coach. He was still the coach during his afternoon press conference. The Raiders are on their bye week and often coaching changes happen when a team is on its bye week. Rams fired coach Scott Linehan today as they begin their bye week.

Kiffin has been on the hot seat for 16 days since reports surfaced that he could be fired at any time. Davis has not addressed the media during this time but the word is he could do so this week, perhaps Tuesday or Wednesday.

Could Kiffin be fired before Davis talks publicly? Sure, he could. It could happen at any time. Or it could not happen as we have learned during the past two-plus weeks.