Davis-Kiffin feud now is about money

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Al Davis' decision to detail Lane Kiffin's insubordination Tuesday in a stunning news conference is just the beginning.

There is sure to be a dispute between Davis and Kiffin over the remaining portion of his contract, which has about $3.5 million left on it. Davis went out of his way to detail all of Kiffin's missteps in his news conference, and it appears he is ready to go to battle with Kiffin.

In an exclusive television interview with ESPN, Kiffin called Davis what Davis earlier called him: a liar. Asked about his contract, Kiffin said he has attorneys to handle the situation. In the end, Kiffin said he is "kind of embarrassed" for Davis after watching his news conference.

I have a feeling that the Davis-Kiffin episode is not over.