AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Mid-week mail call, which, of course, is dominated by the Raiders' decision to fire Lane Kiffin:

Jason from Los Angeles: Bill, can you please tell me what is with all these NFL teams wearing white jerseys at home? Please do not tell me this is becoming the norm as it just doesn't look right. You know seeing the Raiders wearing white jerseys playing in the Black Hole looked ridiculous.

BW: It is based on weather, Jason. The home team gets to choose what jersey it wants to wear, and often early in the season when it is warm, teams choose to wear white jerseys and force the visitors to wear their darker jerseys so it has to deal with the heat more. It is all strategy based.

Belen: Should coach Mike Shanahan hire Lane Kiffin to make Al Davis blow his top? I think he should the Raider team was was showing some heart and playing hard for him....
BW: With Al Davis telling the world that he will not pay Kiffin, the former Oakland coach is free to work elsewhere. Yes, it would be ironic if Mike Shanahan were to bring in Kiffin. The two are in similar situations. Like Kiffin, Shanahan was fired 19 years ago by Davis after 20 games as the Raiders coach. And like Kiffin, Shanahan has yet to get paid in full by Davis. But it would be a surprise if Kiffin were to show up anywhere this season. But Kiffin will emerge again next season either as a college head coach or an NFL offensive coordinator.

Kevin from Stinnett Texas: I do not understand why if Al Davis likes Rob Ryan so much that he would not let Lane Kiffin fire him, why didn't he hire him as the head coach? Didn't he interview him for the head job when he hired Kiffin?
BW: Davis said in his news conference Tuesday that he wanted Ryan to concentrate on the defense because it is such an important job. Davis likes Ryan a lot and he will likely be in Oakland as long as he wants to be.

Sayre from Sioux Falls: Since Marquand Manuel doesn't seem to be picking up the defense as fast as needed, what are the chances Denver gives John Lynch a call?
BW: I asked Lynch about the chances of him returning to Denver a couple of weeks ago. He doesn't think they're very high. He would like to play again, but he is also at peace if he has played his last snap in the NFL.

Koby from Washington: I know this is a longshot, but I was just thinking..what about the Raiders pursuing Bill Cowher? I mean, he's a much more stable coaching option than Lane Kiffin, or really anyone else I can forsee them possibly going after. I don't know, I'm just thinking it could really help them provide stability for Jamarcus Russell and the entire franchise.
BW: I don't see that as a realistic fit. Cowher is going to go somewhere where he can run the entire show. In Oakland, Davis runs the show. Thus, a high-powered coach just wouldn't fit in Oakland.