Needs improvement

The following is an area each AFC West team needs to improve upon in Week 14:

Denver, defending the no-huddle offense: The Chiefs had success last week using the no-huddle. Denver has struggled against it often this season. Baltimore and Pittsburgh ate Denver alive using the no-huddle. Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is a master at exploiting defenses. Denver needs to watch out.

Kansas City, coaching decisions: Chiefs head coach Todd Haley didn’t have a good game against Denver. He called a peculiar fake punt that didn’t work during a key juncture in the game and he didn’t take a penalty that could have knocked Denver out of field goal position with the game still in question. Haley has to tighten his game Sunday against Buffalo.

Oakland, start early: It’s difficult to find much wrong with Oakland after its big win at Pittsburgh. So, we’ll look for something. The Raiders scored three touchdowns in the fourth quarter of their 27-24 win. The team needs to take pressure off itself earlier in the game against Washington. But if Oakland wants to score three times in the final quarter to win a game again, that’s not bad, either.

San Diego, pass defense: San Diego allowed Cleveland quarterback Brady Quinn to throw for 271 yards and three touchdowns last week in a 30-23 win. Yes, Brady Quinn. On Sunday, San Diego has to improve against Dallas quarterback Tony Romo. He is a much better quarterback than Quinn. If San Diego doesn’t address this area, it could be in trouble in a big game.