Report: Randy Hanson back to work in Oakland

The Contra Costa Times is reporting that embattled Oakland defensive assistant Randy Hanson -- who became a household name in the NFL this fall for all the wrong reasons -- is back with the team.

The paper reported that Hanson was working in the team’s scouting department Wednesday. It’s believed be Hanson’s first time back with the club since he accused Oakland head coach Tom Cable of attacking him, resulting in a broken jaw for Hanson. The alleged attack took place at the team’s training camp in Napa, Calif. on Aug. 5.

After a long investigation, officials in Napa declined to pursue charges against Cable because of a lack of evidence.

Through his attorney, Hanson indicated that a civil suit against Cable could be coming. This latest development could be a sign that Hanson has decided to move on.

It was reported in the summer that Hanson had a chance to be assigned to the personnel department, but he declined. You would think Hanson and the team would have some type compromise arranged.

Cable indicated he was surprised that Hanson was back and he said he didn’t know too much about the situation. It wouldn’t be a shock if Cable isn’t thrilled about seeing Hanson in the building. But as long as the two don’t have to work directly together, this arrangement could work. It’s not like Cable makes the decisions in Oakland, anyway.

Hanson’s return had to be approved by owner Al Davis. If Davis wanted Hanson back, Cable has no say in the matter.