Quote sheet: Larry Johnson

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Courtesy of the Carolina Panther's PR department, here is the conference call with Kansas City running back Larry Johnson, fresh off his 198-yard rushing performance in the Chiefs' upset win over Denver on Sunday:

On last week and how well things went

Just being able to stay with our offense and see what we're good at on offense and that's running the ball. We fought until we found some openings and ways we could exploit their defense and we haven't been able to do that.

On things being worked out from the beginning of the season

As long as we understand that for me to be successful, I have to get the ball more than 12 or 20 times during a ball game. I understand during some games if we are down a whole bunch of points, I still feel
I need to be in there to try to contribute in some way with this offense. I think last week we understood that and tried to get the ball to me as many times as possible for me to make plays.

On not worrying about the number of plays wearing him down

Everybody is different. I am not 5-8 and 215. I need carries to move me throughout the game. So I don't really care about how many carries I have.

On Carolina's defense

It's always different from week to week. I understand that Carolina has a great style of defense. Na'il Diggs, I played against him when I was a young guy at Penn State and he was at Ohio State. Julius Peppers is somebody that I admired and watched him play basketball at North Carolina when I was being recruited back in the day. I have a certain respect for those guys, but at the same time they put the ball in my hands. I have to make necessary plays so that we don't end up losing to them like San Diego and Atlanta did.

On his reasoning of why Carolina's defense has been playing so well

I think they play together. It's not one guy that stands out, saying it's on me. I'm the one that's making the plays. Their defense is a unit that plays together. As far as them playing together, they go out and win a lot of games.

On last week being a statement game for him

I think so. Sometimes people seem to forget how good I've been over my career, even when I started to start. I try to go out there and prove it on every play of every game that I have a chance to play.