Time to give Turner credit

Chargers fans have to check out NFC East blogger Matt Mosley’s take on coach Norv Turner.



It is Mosley’s contention that the Cowboys made a mistake in 2007 by not hiring Turner and hiring Wade Phillips. Turner was then hired by San Diego.

Mosley is spot on about Turner, who's a quality coach. San Diego is lucky to have him. A big reason why San Diego is 9-3 and has won seven games in a row is because of Turner’s leadership.

I know many Chargers fans point fingers at Turner when things go bad. But things are going great for San Diego, so he deserves credit. In fact, if the Chargers finish the season strong, Turner will deserve consideration for NFL coach of the year.

His team was 2-3 earlier this season. The pressure was on. Turner responded by getting his team together. This spring, San Diego general manager A.J. Smith said one of his favorite traits about Turner is his ability to stay calm and keep his team focused during difficult times.

Turner has also been terrific for the development of quarterback Philip Rivers. Getting the most out of quarterbacks has been Turner’s signature trait in his career. His work with Rivers hasn’t disappointed. Rivers has gotten better each year under Turner and he is on the doorstep of becoming an elite player.

And don’t forget the fact that Turner has been perfect in December as San Diego's coach. The man wins when it counts.

Whether or not Dallas made a mistake by hiring Phillips over Turner really isn’t the point in San Diego. The point is Turner has been great for the team and Chargers fans should appreciate him.