Raiders news and notes

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Random Raiders thoughts:

Warren Sapp caused waves again with more critical words of the Raiders and owner Al Davis. Sapp has made a habit of ripping his former team since his retirement.

Sapp said he tells players never to go to Oakland. Of course, not all of them listen to him. The Raiders brought in several free agents this offseason. Here's the bottom line: If a team is willing to pay, many players are willing to come, regardless of a team's reputation or recent win/loss history.

Here's another thought on Sapp. I don't envision him being invited to a Raiders alumni picnic anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Oakland quarterback JaMarcus Russell spoke for the first time since Lane Kiffin was fired. Davis put Russell in the middle of the feud saying that Kiffin never wanted the quarterback.
Russell handled himself well, saying that he enjoyed playing for Kiffin yet he will move on. This was the right way for the young quarterback to deal with a tough situation that he didn't ask to be a part of.

Meanwhile, an NFL spokesman said the Raiders have never filed tampering charges against the New England Patriots regarding the Randy Moss trade last year. Raiders owner Al Davis said the Patriots tampered on Tuesday.