Even Bennie Logan doesn't know what his role with Chiefs will be

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Defensive lineman Bennie Logan made a brief trip to Kansas City this week to sign his one-year contract with the Chiefs worth $8 million. One thing missing from his itinerary was a discussion with coach Andy Reid about his role with his new team after four seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles.

“We didn’t really talk about how I was going to be used or anything like that,’’ Logan said Wednesday. “I think the coach was out of town when I came up there. When I just signed the contract, I just talked to the general manager [John Dorsey] and everything and then I had to go get back on my flight. ... We didn’t talk about details about how I’m going to be used in the scheme and everything.

“I know they’ve got a heck of a defense, a playmaker in every position. My thing is, I’m just going to try to come in and ... not be the weak link on the defense, just really work hard and help those guys keep doing the things they’ve been doing in past years.’’

Logan, 27, is replacing Dontari Poe, the Chiefs’ nose tackle from the past five years. Poe is a free agent and there appears to be no room left for him on a defensive line that includes Logan, Allen Bailey, Chris Jones and Jaye Howard.

Poe has played a lot of snaps for a defensive lineman. He was second behind only Ndamukong Suh in snap counts for a defensive tackle during the course of his Chiefs career.

Poe was a regular in both running and passing situations. The Chiefs, who in Jones and Bailey have a couple of middle rushers they like, may ask Logan to be mostly a run defender.

Logan had 5.5 sacks in his four years with the Eagles. He had 2.5 sacks last season despite missing three games with a groin injury.

“That’s my strength, stopping the run or what not,’’ Logan said. “But I feel I can rush the passer also. My numbers as far as sack-wise haven’t been there, but the past year I did a good job of getting to the quarterback before I got injured during the season. Other than that, I was getting to the quarterback. I think this last year I’ve made some improvements towards rushing the passer and everything.

“I’ve just continued to improve every year and become a complete player.’’