Anthony Lynn back in comfort zone on practice field for Chargers

SAN DIEGO -- Anthony Lynn couldn’t help himself.

As the Los Angeles Chargers began their first on-field workout this offseason that included coaches, the new head coach and former running back naturally gravitated to a familiar position group, offering a few pointers to Melvin Gordon.

Since the Chargers hired him in January, Lynn has been charged with attending media obligations, NFL owners meetings and helping with logistics as the team prepares to relocate to Los Angeles.

But this week Lynn finally got back to what he was hired to do -- lead players on the field.

“You saw that, huh,” joked Lynn about his work with the running backs. “I was trying not to. It was good [to be out on the field] because we’ve been doing everything in the classroom. And the preparation is everything in the classroom.

“But it was good to be on the field in the sunlight watching the guys run around, and actually coach a little bit.”

Gordon is still recovering from a hip strain and knee sprain that forced him to miss the last three games of the 2016 season, so he was limited during on-field drills Tuesday.

“Melvin’s fine,” Lynn said. “Right now he kind of doing more things straight ahead, and as we continue on he’ll do more lateral movements. But right now he’s doing good.”

Lynn’s first day on the field included a handful of absences from key players such as Philip Rivers, Joey Bosa, Antonio Gates and Melvin Ingram. However, Lynn said the players that were there benefited from the early work put in with new head trainer John Lott.

“No. 1, they’re getting in great shape because John Lott is doing a hell of a job with these guys of setting that base for training camp,” Lynn said. “And team chemistry, just working and doing it together -- they’re gaining a lot more than they know.”

One of the new things Lynn installed for the offseason workouts is defensive scheme formations on the field. The offense and defense cannot go against each other during Phase II of offseason work.

“We paint it on the field so the offensive line can communicate and the quarterback can communicate with the backs on the different fronts and coverages,” Lynn said. “And then the mesh points for the quarterbacks and running backs, it just keeps them on tracks and really helps with ball security.”

In terms of the coaching staff’s preparation for next week’s draft, Lynn said getting a first look of his team on the grass doesn’t offer much in terms of an evaluation as the Chargers look to infuse the roster with some new, young playmakers.

“Really the film from last year, that’s the true tell -- watching game tape,” Lynn said. “What we do out here is not much of an evaluation right now.”