The 411 on Oakland's two new QBs

I caught up with two people with intimate knowledge of the two new quarterbacks in Oakland.

The Raiders are starting No. 3 quarterback Charlie Frye on Sunday at Denver ahead of former starter JaMarcus Russell with Bruce Gradkowski out with a knee injury. The Raiders also signed former Buffalo top pick JP Losman this week. He could be in the mix later in the season.

To breakdown Frye, we enlisted the help of Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. Williamson was with Fyre at Akron:

“Charlie is one of the favorite people and players I’ve ever been around. I’m really excited for him. Charlie is a hard worker. He really cares. He really tries. He is a leader and he is a winner. But he is backup in the NFL. Still, when Bruce took over, I thought Charlie would be a better choice, so maybe Charlie can have the same success Bruce did.

“But Charlie doesn’t have a strong arm, so that worries me. Despite everything he has going for him, he has limitations. But he’s an upgrade over JaMarcus, who is horrible. So, maybe Charlie can help Oakland.”

To breakdown Losman, I caught up with former NFL coach Jim Fassel. He coached Losman in the United Football League for the Las Vegas franchise. The two won the league championship together:

“JP is a winning NFL quarterback. I think he really has learned from his previous experiences. He really works at the game. This is a quarterback who wants to be good. He understands the game. He has a NFL-quality arm. I think he will succeed in the NFL given another chance. I really think Oakland is a good fit for JP. I see him having future success.”